Trump and the power of Race

Let’s admit something to ourselves. Trump was elected by playing the race card. He took a count and figured out there are more working-class white citizens in this country than there are black and brown working-class citizens. He also recognized that all citizens who did not either get an education beyond high school and/or get skills that were in demand, were going to have a difficult time acquiring a well-paying, rewarding job in the workplace. This group is his base.

In the 1960’s through the turn of the century the country tried to rectify the discrimination policies of the past by implementing quotas to encourage the hiring of more black citizens as an effort to provide equal rights and opportunity. The objective was good, but its implementation was flawed. The above plan did not consider the ramifications resulting from the above effort. Simply put, it became more difficult for a white citizen, without education beyond a high school level, to get a job at a “living wage”. Over time this group of white citizens became bitter and felt our government was now showing favoritism to those of the black and brown races, and they were correct, but with some justification.

As is often the problem, it is easier to identify the problem than it is to find a solution. The problem is further complicated by the significant amount of economic progress that has been made by other countries like China, Taiwan, and others.

I Wish I had an easy solution.

Published by Stephen Banicki

Spent bulk of my career in real estate finance field overseeing a financial institution in Michigan. Am also a former CPA and presently active in commercial real estate lending on multi- million dollar projects.

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