Trump and the power of Race

Let’s admit something to ourselves. Trump was elected by playing the race card. He took a count and figured out there are more working-class white citizens in this country than there are black and brown working-class citizens. He also recognized that all citizens who did not either get an education beyond high school and/or getContinue reading “Trump and the power of Race”

Support South America Not China

With China agreeing to ignore Russia’s aggression, thus giving Putin the green light to attack Ukraine, we need to find and support an alternative to buying from China. China is more than willing to cause turmoil in western countries by pitting one country against another. I guess China assumed no one would notice. Well, thereContinue reading “Support South America Not China”

Detroit Needs A Black Mayor

It stands to reason that in any governmental body, whether it be a country, state or municipality, the more similarity between the one who governs and the ones being governed, the more likely it will be that the citizens will be well represented in meeting their wants and needs. The current Mayor of Detroit, MikeContinue reading “Detroit Needs A Black Mayor”