Detroit Needs A Black Mayor

It stands to reason that in any governmental body, whether it be a country, state or municipality, the more similarity between the one who governs and the ones being governed, the more likely it will be that the citizens will be well represented in meeting their wants and needs. The current Mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan, is a recent transplant from one of Detroit’s white suburbs, and is white while the majority of the city’s citizens are black. The current Mayor of Detroit is from Livonia, Michigan where 92% of its population is white while only 3.4% is black.

Remember, Mike Duggan went along with Governor Snyder’s plan for the city of Detroit to surrender ownership of $3.5 billion in art, stored at the DIA and owned by the city, for $350 million, 10 cents on the dollar. The alternative that was never explored openly was to sell off $350 million in art to get Detroit out of bankruptcy while retaining ownership of $3.15 billion, that’s with a B, in art.

The above thoughts are my own and I did not consult with anyone prior to publishing this post.

Published by Stephen Banicki

Spent bulk of my career in real estate finance field overseeing a financial institution in Michigan. Am also a former CPA and presently active in commercial real estate lending on multi- million dollar projects.

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